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I'm Kurt Stender

Kurt Stender has lived in Washington since 1983. He attended Pacific Lutheran University and graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Political Science. In 2001, Kurt graduated from Seattle University’s School of Law as a member of the school’s Law Review. Prior to graduating law school, Kurt began his career in criminal defense by working for a public defense firm in Bellevue. Kurt later transitioned into private practice by working for a firm in downtown Seattle.

In 2004, Kurt opened the Law Office of Kurt Stender, PLLC. The focus of his practice is criminal defense and expunging, vacating and sealing criminal records. Kurt has represented thousands of clients charged with a wide variety of crimes in Superior, District and Municipal Courts. From 2009 to 2013, Kurt has shared the public defense account in Federal Way Municipal Court.

Those who hire Kurt can expect to be fully informed about the law, legal process, factual allegations, evidence and his legal analysis. The results of his investigation are reviewed with his clients in the privacy of his office. When presented this information, Kurt’s clients gain the comfort and assurance of knowing they are making the best decision available for someone in their particular circumstances.

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